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EU-Führerschein für Finnland ganz ohne Fahrschule – Wir machen es möglich

Obtaining a Finnish driving license is not easy and the rules and conditions are among the strictest in Europe. It takes a total of two years to get a perpetual license in Finland. The driving license conditions in Finland are extremely complex and the traffic rules are very strict. 

With Buy Driver’s License you can order a registered and completely legal Finnish driving license online and save yourself a lot of effort and costs and all without driving school or theoretical/practical tests.

Finland driving license – these are the requirements

Have you moved to Finland and do not have a Finnish driving license? If you are a permanent resident of Finland and hold a valid driver’s license issued in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or a country that has ratified the Geneva or Vienna Road Traffic Conventions, you can exchange your driver’s license.

However, regardless of this, you must pass the driving test (theory and driving test) in order to obtain a Group 2 and BE driving license.

In order to be able to exchange your driving license in Finland without a driving test, you must exchange your driving license within two years of your permanent residence in Finland and before your driving license from the contracting state expires.

If the driving license you want to exchange has expired or you have lived in Finland permanently for more than two years, you must also take a driving test (theory and driving test).

If your driving license was issued in another country recognized by Finland, you must apply for a driving license. You also need to prove that you meet the driving license conditions and pass the driving test (theory and driving test) to get a driver’s license in Finland .

You save that by purchasing a Finnish driver's license online

In addition to the above requirements, other factors come into play that you can save by buying a Finnish driving license:

  • It is not necessary to obtain an initial driver’s license
  • A minimum of 18 compulsory hours of instruction
  • Medical documentation for obtaining a driving license in Finland
  • High costs between €1,200 and €3,000 for the category B driver’s license
  • Long wait for the permanent driver’s license
  • More mandatory training sessions for driving license from Finland
  • Enormous amount of time for practical and theoretical lessons
  • Renting and driving a snowmobile is possible

The strict driving license conditions in Finland should also not be underestimated and it can happen that the test does not only have to be taken once. There are also language barriers, potential test anxiety and stress. 

All you have to do with us to get your Finnish driver’s license is just contact us, specify the desired dates and class and we will process your order. You will receive your new, registered and valid Finnish driving license in just three days. 

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